What does the Arpafest 2017 Musical Program has to offer?

The International Harp Festival "Arpafest" includes:

  • Meeting of international harpists
  • A clinic
  • Two pre-concerts
  • A keynote address
  • Eight Gala concerts

Our marketing and dissemination strategies

  • Advertising
    • Fences
    • LED Monitors
    • Billboards
    • Posters and banners
  • Mobile Advertising
    • Megaphone Advertising
    • Automotive Medallions
  • Online Advertising
    • Social Media
    • Blog
    • Website
    • Email Marketing
  • TV and Radio
    • Spot campaign: The harp in the world
  • Printed
    • Book Separators
    • Tickets and Subscriptions
    • Hand Program and Information Gazette of the Festival
  • Previous Concerts
    • Two harp concerts: Convention Center, Mocambo Restaurant, in order to warm up the audience and raise awareness of the importance of harp

How much are the media impacts of the festival?

The Festival generates 2 million 500 thousand advertising impacts through the 16 communication and marketing strategies, integrated in two months of campaign (August-September), and we look for: sponsors, Commercial Allies and Donors.

The true meaning of being an ally, sponsor or donor of Arpafest 2017, is to be part of a project that will have artistic, cultural and commercial resonances in 12 countries in Europe, Asia and America. To add its mark to the actions of the Festival, is to promote the cultural development and is to put in value artistic proposals of first level. Investing in this Festival is stimulating cultural innovation for the formation of new audiences.

We want to play the harp and make it heard everywhere. Are you in?

Types of Sponsorships

Benefits Golden Harp
+$50,000 MXN
Silver Harp
$40,000 - $50,000 MXN
Bronze Harp
$20,000 - $40,000 MXN
Announcement of the sponsoring company in the Gazette of the Festival - 5 thousand copies, distributed in two months. X X X
Sponsor's logo on our website with a link to the sponsor's website. Sponsor's logo during press conferences. X X X
Social Media posts with Sponsor's logo and link to its website. X X X
All Sponsors will be mentioned during our History of the Harp Radio Campaign, as well as in the promotion via megaphone advertising. X X X
Thank you Message as Sponsor at the opening and closing events of the festival. X X
Display of Sponsor's logo on the projection screen and skirts of the main stages. X X
Sponsor's logo in: fences, LED screens, trucks, billboards, canvas press conference, posters and banners, as well as on staff shirts and printing materiales such as Hand Program and Information Gazette of the Festival. X
Distribution of Sponsor's marketing material and / or promotional items during the festival. X
A brief speech will be allowed by the sponsor during the closing protocol. X


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